ataraxia [ˌætəˈræksɪə] = A state of freedom from disturbance of mind. „Once ataraxia has been achieved, happiness cannot be augmented, either by more accomplishments or by …

Munich – View from St. Peter


Taken on a short trip to munich in September 2010. St. Peter is an old tower claiming to offer the best view over the city… …

Better fasten your seatbelt, little flower…


because summer is going bye bye Quiz: What movie was this quote taken from (and abused)?

Looking out for you…

looking for you-Blog

There is this special someone out there for every one of us….

Feels like Dubai


Taken at the beach of Barcelona. They did build this hotel in just about 1-2 years, which is absolutely amazing for the way they normally …

Zugspitze Main Station


Shot from the summit of the Zugspitze over to the platform where the mountain rail is ending.

Barcelona Beach


Taken at the pier in Barcelona where one is not allowed to enter All the fisherman are there, which makes it most appealing Taken with …

Waiting for departure…


Lanzarote, 2007 At a tourist spot, these lovely creature were waiting for take off (carrying some fat tourists ).

Panorama view


Another shot from visiting one of the many lakes around the Wetterstein-Arena in the Alps.

Close to perfection


Hotel Post, Lermoos, Austria. We had a beautiful time there… highly recommended! On the right you can see the Zugspitze with the lift.